Old Silver Dollar for Extreme Good Luck: Find a Magical Old Silver Dollar for Extreme Good Luck!  
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Jennifer's Grandmother's Magical Morgan Silver Dollar

Price: $38.88  
Model: Morgan Silver Dollar
Availability: In Stock

Old Silver Dollar for Extreme Good Luck: Find a Magical Old Silver Dollar for Extreme Good Luck! 

Jennifer's Grandmother's Magical Morgan Silver Dollar

We have a few random years of Morgan Silver Dollars, which
were minted in the U.S.A. from 1878 to 1904, and then
again in 1921. They weigh 26.73 grams and are 90% silver
and 10% copper. They're 1.5" in diameter. You can Google
to learn more about them. Many of the random years are
worth anywhere between thirty and eighty bucks.

These coins were used by someone to pay Grandmother
for her services, many years ago. I found them in the house
and I
could tell they were ritually charged by Grandmother and
her helpers at three separate full moon nights, to create a very
powerful Gambling Amulet ideal for any type of gambling, lottery,
casino games, investing, stock trading, business success, or to
bring other financial blessings! These are really awesome!
Quantities are limited, order one as soon as you can!
***One lady already won $800 at a casino, and another $500 on
the daily lottery drawing in her state Plus $300 at Bingo!*** 

Jennifer's Grandmother's Magical Morgan Silver Dollar Only $38.88 plus Free Shipping!


Sold as curio for entertainment. 

Jennifer\'s Grandmother\'s Magical Morgan Silver Dollar

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Saturday 24 June, 2017
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