Good Luck Amulets & Charms that really work: Where to get Good Luck Amulets & Charms that really work?  
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Money Money Money Bag

Price: $18.88  $8.88  
Model: Money Bag
Availability: In Stock

Good Luck Amulets & Charms that really work...

Where to get Good Luck Amulets & Charms that really work? 

Money Money Money Bag - Good Luck Amulet

After several years of great success, Father Time's Money, Money, Money Bag - Good Luck Amulet is still one of our best selling items! This replaced the Medicine Bags we once featured! 

People have always loved a form of entertainment, as a way to have fun, and as a way to possibly "win" a large sum of money without having to earn it, or work for it, or wait years and years for the financial windfall.

Gambling has always been a part of our culture, for thousands of years, and all over the world! When people gamble, they usually have loads of fun, and they enjoy the excitement, but it is even more fun and more exciting when they win money!

There are numerous ways people try to increase their luck, and improve their chances of winning money... and most things are "worth a try." Besides, no one ever knows for sure, when the Goddess Fortuna (the Goddess of Luck) will smile upon them... Or when God will "bless them" with a win.

Maybe it is time for YOU to get yourself a nice, powerful, effective Good Luck Amulet or Lucky Charm to help you! You never know what may work, and what may help you win that money you want! 

Well, in addition to using The Law Of Attraction, and Spreading Good Karma, you should also grab one of these powerful beauties...a Money Money Money Bag - Good Luck Amulet, from your friends here at FatherTimePublishing! (We've been in business for a long time, and are loved by many people, because we have many powerful and effective things that really work!)

Father Time, through years of studying "what works" and "what doesn't," when it comes to attracting good luck, finally came up with this wonderful little green velveteen bag (aprroximately 2" x 2 1/2") containing an American coin, and a replica coin from ancient China, and a powerful magical crystal, and all three are blessed and ritually super charged to bring YOU big financial blessings, and maybe even a lottery win or a gambling jackpot! 

Attract money into your hands and into your life...quickly, and generously! All you do is carry this powerful beauty in your pocket or purse, when you want, or leave it in your home, car, or office!

You can occasionally add a tiny pinch of Jennifer's Magical - Mystical Money Attracting Dust, and you can add whatever other coins, crystals, or herbs that you might want to's all up to YOU!

Money Money Money Bag - Good Luck Amulet still ONLY $18.88 plus Free Shipping!

Sold as curio for entertainment. 


I love Magical Lucky Winning Talisman, Powerful Lucky Magical Mojo Coin and Money, Money, Money Bag. I put it all together in the green bag for even more power and good luck!!! I will have this EXTREMELY powerful bag always with me!!! Thank You very much for such powerful items!!! I am so exited that something magical will happen to me when the time is right. I will sure let You know when something will happen and of course I will leave positive reviews!!!
Love Your Items and services a lot. You are the best, dear Jennifer!!!!

This thing is amazing! I had it about a month, and nothing happened, and then all of a sudden; I won a raffle at my club, then a week later I won a daily lottery game for 500 bucks, then a few weeks after that I won a big night at the casino! I am so happy I found your website!


This thing helped me win a big game at Bingo several different times and it helped me win the pick 3 lottery number a few times too. It helped me win at the dog track one day and another time at the casino I won $2,000 and I can say this is the winner of lucky charms and bags. If you are tempted to get one... just get one... you will love it!!!


Well, as I approach retirement, I like to spend more time at the horse races, and in the casinos, and this little bag has helped me win money several times! It is truly amazing. My wife did not think it would work, but it did! It continues to help us win! She also loves the Granmother's Magical Oil - Jennifer sure was lucky to have such an amazing Grandmother teach her so much! Thanks and Blessings Back to YOU!

Update: It's a year later, and I still am winning pretty decently. Thanks.


You made a believer out of me. I never did stuff like this before, and maybe three months ago I got a tarot reading from Father Time, and it was so good and impressive. Then two months ago I got this bag thing, and it helped me get so lucky. xoxoxo


Yikes! (As Jennifer says...) I got one of these bags, and Oh My God! It was awesome what started happening to me! I got a promotion and raise at work a few days later, then I found $400 I was saving for a vacation two years ago, but then there was a death in the family and I cancelled my vacation plans, and forgot about the money in an envelope! Then a few days after that, I was dragged by two girlfriends to a casino, and I am not really a gambling person, but for kicks, I decided to play just fifty bucks, and all of a sudden I won like 300 at a game I don't even know the name with the spinning wheel thingy and the little ball, and the spots on the table! Thanks and thanks. Am sending a 25 dollar tip, please let me know when you get it.


I am so thankful that I found your website, over three years ago, and everything I have purchased has been awesome! Sometimes these things help in amazing ways. I also love any reading that I have had from you folks, over the years...they are always insightful and helpful. I also like that your prices are very fair. Other sources for things this great, are much more expensive! Love this Father Time's Powerful Amulet Bag...when it arrived, I could "feel" the energy! xoxoxo


This amulet bag is really great! It has a very strong vibration of powerful energy and it makes me have a very happy feeling. Thank You so much!


OMG! I LOVE this amazing amulet soon as it arrived, I just "knew" that it would help my family and I, and we have had a few good things happen since we got it. Thank You and Bless You!


Hello Father & Jennifer... Just wanted to say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You...everything worked out for us, and we really believe it was because of these products that we got from you!


I was approaching forty and had never been married, nor ever had children. I was not fat or ugly, I just couldn't get a date, I don't know why. None of my family or friends could believe I was always single. I mean, I had a few boyfriends along the way, but those relationships would always seem to fizzle out.

Then I discovered your website and bought this Amulet Bag just "knowing" it would help me. Immediately I felt confident that my luck had changed and I had a few "little" surprises. About three months later, I got swept off my feet by a wonderful man, and we started dating very seriously and steadily! Now we are engaged and I couldn't be happier! Thank you for this miraculous little bag. I recommend it to anyone! 


Another amazing amulet I got from you. I like the way it looks, I like the way it "feels energized." It helped me win the play four lottery... 50 cents straight on four digits brought me 2500 bucks. Wow!

Money Money Money Bag

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Money Money Money Bag
Love this bag, it's really cute. Can't wait for the magic to begin! :) more...
5 of 5 Stars!
Tuesday 19 February, 2019
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