Magically Attract Money Into My Life and Win Money: How To Magically Attract Money Into My Life and Win Money?  
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Hi Jennifer,
I have just received my items. Once again, thank you so much for your gift!
How nice to purchase items from an honest merchant like you!
However, not all the merchants are like,
which gives a quick reply and updates order status. is a good and honest company.
Best Regards,
Lee from Singapore

Jennifer's Magical Mystical Money Attracting Dust

Price: $18.88  
Model: money dust
Availability: In Stock

$$$$$ Magically Attract Money Into My Life and Win Money: How To Magically Attract Money Into My Life and Win Money? $$$$$ Did YOU ask something like that? 


Here is an exciting Item...Jennifer's Magical Mystical Money-Attracting Dust! You'll feel like you have a "Money Tree" in your back yard! Very Easy-To-Use!


Just sprinkle a tiny bit of this powerful and effective Magical Mystical Money Attracting Dust at your front door, once a week, to Attract Money into your life and into your household! Also put a tiny bit into any type of "bag" amulet, whether you got it from us or even elsewhere... a Mojo Bag, Mayan Worry Dolls Bag, Chinese Coins Bag, Love Inducing Rose Quartz Miracle Bag, a Bag full of Crystals, et cetera!



Imagine: You are going to a Casino, and you are bringing Your favorite Bag-type amulet with you, and you lightly touch your fingertip inside the bag of Jennifer's Magical Mystical Money-Attracting Dust, and just get two or three grains on your finger, and then deposit them into the other "lucky" bag for some added effectiveness. Next, you go off to the Casino, and have a lucky night, and you win a few hundred, a few thousand, or even more! That could happen...and it just might happen to you. Ask Thomas in Des Moines...he won two thousand dollars with this amazing stuff!


$$$$ This powerful, magical blend will increase the effectiveness of those other amulets, even the ones that might not pertain to Money! Try it and see what "Magic" just might occur! This has always been one of our most popular products! And for good reason! $$$$


Jennifer's Magical Mystical Money-Attracting Dust! ONLY $18.88 plus Free Shipping!

Sold as curio for entertainment.


I just received my order today. I was feeling very listless for 2 days. Suddenly, the sun
popped out of the overcast and my mood changed. I looked in the mailbox, and your
magical items were in there! I was filled with joy when a bag of Money Attracting Dust
slid out. Out of all the items I ordered, that was the one that I feel most excited about. 
I sprinkled some outside the front door immediately. I feel like everything is going to
be okay! I will definitely let you know if anything significant happens.
Thanks for all your products! I look forward to ordering more from you guys!
Hello Jennifer & Father Time
I am sending this email to express my appreciation.The magickal salt powder really is astonishing.
I sprinkled some on The Business Success talisman and today's sales simply skyrocketed beyond my wildest imagination! 

Love this stuff! It really works! I don't know how, but it really does!


Truly amazing stuff! Thanks for sending some as a Free Gift! Wow! 


Beautiful, Sexy, Delightful, Goddess Jennifer...YOU are amazing! I don' know how you do it, BUT you DO IT. This stuff is pretty amazing. It has helped me win small amounts many times, and that's good enough for me. I know there are no guarantees in life, but I have to say that overall, your stuff has helped me MORE than things I bought elsewhere. I will always be happy to try your new products! 


Hello Jennifer,

Things are going really good. I lost my magic dust. That stuff worked so good it scared me! I let someone in on my secret and now my dust is missing. I hit $2900 at the casino. Please tell me you have more!


My Goodness! After one sprinkle, I won a thousand dollars! Thanks, I needed that, and am sending you a fifty dollar gift!


Thanks for this amazing stuff. Don't know how it works, but I won $675 at a casino, and the next week I won $800 at the horse races. You have some sort of amazing talents! Thanks for all your help. - Jim B. -


I gotta hand it to you, Jennifer has some serious magical abilities!

Jennifer\'s Magical Mystical Money Attracting Dust

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Jennifer's Magical Mystical Money Attracting Dust
As soon as I got this in the mail, I sprinkled some just inside and ju more...
5 of 5 Stars!
Monday 04 May, 2015
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