Magical Good Luck in the Spirit of Kunlun Mountain: I want Magical Good Luck in the Spirit of Kunlun Mountain!  
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Kunlun Mountain Magical Stone

Price: $18.88  
Model: Kunlun
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Magical Good Luck in the Spirit of Kunlun Mountain: I want Magical Good Luck in the Spirit of Kunlun Mountain! 

Kunlun Mountain Magical Stone

Kunlun Mountain (traditional Chinese: 崑崙山; simplified Chinese: 昆仑山;
pinyin: Kūnlún shān; Wade–Giles: K'un-lun Shan), or known just as Kunlun,
is an important symbol in Chinese mythology representing the axis mundi
and divinity.
​ ​
The mythological Kunlun Mountain should not be confused with
the real, geographic Kunlun Mountains.

As the mythology related to the Kunlun Mountain developed, it became influenced
by the later introduction of ideas about an axis mundi from the cosmology of India.
Kunlun Mountain became identified with (or took on the attributes of) Mount Sumeru

The Kunlun mythos was also influenced by developments within the Taoist tradition,
and Kunlun came to be perceived more as a paradise
The Chinese name Kunlun
崑崙 (or 崐崘) is written with characters combining the "mountain radical" 山 with
phonetics of kun 昆 and lun 侖. Alternate names for Kunlun shan include Kunling
崑陵 (with "hill") and Kunqiu 崑丘 (with "mound").

Generally, accounts emphasize the difficulty of access to th
​is mystical​
mountain and
even more to its more hallowed places, due to
​all of the ​
surrounding waters and
steep cliffs of immense heights. Kunlun
ally also has a strong association with
various means
​for people ​
to obtain immortality, or longevity. Poetic descriptions
this magical place ​
tend to lavish Kunlun with
​the ​
​s of being a real magical paradise​,
gem-like rocks and towering cliffs of jasper and jade, exotic jeweled plants, bizarrely
formed and colored magical fungi, and numerous birds and other animals, together with
​ being​
s who have become immortal beings.

Sometimes it is the Eight Immortals who are seen, coming to pay their respects to the
goddess Xiwangmu, perhaps invited to join her in a feast of immortal repast. This is
the well-worn image or motif that is frequently painted, carved, or otherwise depicted
in the material arts.

Whatever the fact or fiction about the magnificent mythological place, here is a beautiful
tumbled stone that has been blessed and ritually charged in the spirit of Kunlun
Mountain, and
​ it's now a very powerful Good Luck Charm that you can carry around
in your pocket or bag, or leave it in a safe place in your home, car, or office. It's one of
the most exciting things we've added to our website of late! You will LOVE it!

Kunlun Mountain Magical Stone Only $18.88 plus Free Shipping!


Sold as curio for entertainment. 

Kunlun Mountain Magical Stone

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Kunlun Mountain Magical Stone
I've been a fan of Jennifer for a few years and she creates amazing ma more...
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Thursday 24 January, 2019
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