Lucky Casino Gambler Magical Oil to Help ME Win Money: Find Lucky Casino Gambler Magical Oil to Help ME Win Money!  
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Casino Gambler Magical Oil

Price: $18.88  
Model: Gambler Oil
Availability: In Stock

Lucky Casino Gambler Magical Oil to Help ME Win Money: Find Lucky Casino Gambler Magical Oil to Help ME Win Money!

Casino Gambler Magical Oil

The tiny bottle of Jennifer's Grandmother's Magical Oil, is
very powerful and effective! Don't be fooled by the small size! Good
things come in small packages! It has been blessed and ritually charged
to help you win money in the casinos! You can simply open the bottle,
for a few minutes, and let the essence, and the magical "good luck" work
its way into the room, before you go gambling. You can also touch one little
drop of this magical formula to your wrist of your dominant hand, before
you go out to do any type of gambling!

You can carry the bottle with you, or leave it at home, makes no difference.
You may also use it to dress a good luck candle, and you can use it to
anoint other gambling charms, amulets, talismans, and crystals!
You will love it! 

The bottle is extremely tiny, (less than a dram) because you do not need much! 

Casino Gambler Magical Oil Only $18.88 plus Free Shipping!


Sold as curio for entertainment purposes.


I put a dab on my wrist, I loved the scent, I went to the casino, and won $788 on the slots!


When I first smelled this, I fell in love with it, and could just tell that it was "magical" and I

really won! I went to Bingo, and I won $300 for the first time, ever!


Did you know? Our human ancestors have always used magical oils in
many different ceremonies and rituals for many thousands of years.
Many essential oils are still available around the world, and many people 
create their own blends today. In the distant past, magical oils were created
by placing oil or fat over a heat source, and then adding fragrant herbs and
flowers to the oil along with a bit of magic. Did you think the photo or painting
of a woman stirring a cauldron, meant that she was making soup? She was
probably creating a magical oil. You can find synthetic oils at a fraction of
the cost of essential oils. Essential oils are the best oils to use because they 
are actually extracted from a live plant. For magical, mystical, and spiritual 
purposes, it is best to use authentic, essential oils, because these oils contain
the magical properties of the plant, while synthetic oils don't.

There are secret magical methods and recipes for blending oils, which might
be passed down for many generations, particularly for families who are experienced
in The Craft or the magical arts. These recipes just might be found in a family's
Book Of Shadows. During a spell casting or ritual, a practitioner might determine
her or his intent for the magical oil, whether she or he might be creating a money oil
to bring prosperity, a love oil to boost romantic encounters, or a ritual oil to use in
ceremonies. Some oils might be all purpose oil, and can be used for just about anything.

There are many ways that you can use your magical oils. You have to pick whatever
works best for you. In a ritual setting, the oil can be rubbed on candles that will be
used in spell work. This blends the powerful energies of the oil with the magical
symbolism of the candle's color and the energy of the flame itself.

Sometimes magical oils are used to anoint the body, and if you use a magical oil
for this purpose, make sure that the seller or creator of the oil states that it can
be put on the skin, because some oils are not meant to be used on the skin. Some
essential oils, such as frankincense and clove, will cause a reaction in sensitive skin
and should only be used very sparingly. Oils applied to the body bring the wearer
the energies of the oil. For example, an Energy Oil will give you a much needed boost
of energy, while a Money-Drawing Oil should attract money into your hands and into
your life. A Love Potion Oil might help you attract a partner, a soul mate, or a sex
partner, or it could help you improve an existing marriage or partnership.

Magical Oils can also be used to anoint your good luck charms, amulets, and talismans,
as well as Mojo Bags and such. In many cases, you can simply put one drop on these
items, and sometimes just opening the jar or bottle and letting the essence into the air
and into the room, will do the trick. The magic and the energy infused into the oil is
what really does what's needed, and you might have a very tiny amount of oil last for
many years. Just as nothing works 100% of the time, and for 100% of the people, magical
oils are the same. You have to use The Law Of Attraction, keep an open mind, stay
positive, and expect good things to happen. Some prayers are answered, while others
are not. Some wishes come true, while others don't. Some amulets bring good luck
when we want it, and sometimes we have to be patient and wait.  


Casino Gambler Magical Oil

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Casino Gambler Magical Oil
Oh, this oil is one of my best ones, and once I step into a casino or more...
5 of 5 Stars!
Thursday 24 January, 2019
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