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01. Money Come To Me Ritual Kit
02. A Tarot Card Reading Via E-mail
03. She Will Pray For You
04. Magical Mayan Worry Dolls
05. Win Big Money Magical Crystal
06. Jennifer's Grandmother's Magical Oil
07. Lucky Brazilian Radiant Stones
08. Love Inducing Rose Quartz Miracle Bag
09. Lucky Joker Money Amulet
10. Prosperity Attracting Crystal Point
11. Love Attracting Flaming Ritual Kit
12. Money Attracting Flaming Ritual Kit
13. Come To Me Now Magical Crystal Point
14. Gambler's Magical Amulet Lapel Pin
15. Lucky Winning Lottery Numbers In Advance
16. Blessings Of Saint Peter Amulet
17. Need Help Picking Winning Lottery Numbers
18. Amulet Of Healing Power
19. Magical Fairy Amulet
20. Lucky Gambler's Horseshoe Amulet
21. Gambler's Winning Poker Hand Amulet
22. Success & Good Luck Magical Amulet
23. Cassandra's Lucky Magical Lottery Dice
24. Jennifer's Customized Magical Crystal Bag
25. Money Drawing Magical Powder
26. Protection Against The Evil Eye!
27. Lucky Currency Money Mojo Bag
28. Prayers Of Saint Jude Amulet
29. Magical Saint Martha Amulet
30. Jennifer's Rules For Living

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Tuesday 22 July, 2014
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