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How To Have Good Luck Or Better Luck
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How To Have Good Luck Or Better Luck


Would YOU like to know how to have good luck, better luck, and more luck? For starters, you must be positive, think positive, and speak in a positive fashion. You have to eliminate negativity and negative thinking from your lifestyle. There have been numerous studies done, from medicine to good luck amulets, and there is a phenomenon known as the placebo effect. Some patients in a medical study were given the new drug or medicine that's being tested, and some of the participants are given a pill that's not medicine at all, however, some of those patients want to be healed, expect to be healed, feel they deserve to be healed, and then they ARE in fact healed, even though they did not ingest the actual medication that is being tested!

This shows the enormous potential of and power of the brain, the power of the mind, the power of positive thinking! Whenever I drive my car anywhere, I  always expect that I will have a very smooth trip, and I always intend to make good time, and I always expect that things will go smoothly, and I am always confident that I will find a decent place to park, and with no hassles... consequently, I always do have a smooth trip, I always do make good time, things go smoothly, and I find a decent place to park! Coincidence? Or did my positive thoughts get transmitted from my brain out into the universe? Somehow my positive thoughts and positive attitude may have influenced the situation.

Too many people, these days, are way too negative about too many things. I met a woman who is a cashier at my local grocery store, and she's a delightful woman of about 50. She's married and has raised some children who are now adults. Since I see her regularly, and she sees the foods I'm buying, one day she says, "You do a lot of cooking, you must be a good cook!" I told her I was, and that I was thankful I learned to cook as a child and teenager.

Then she says, "I am a terrible cook, I always burn things because I cook them too long, afraid that I need to make sure they're cooked long enough, and I always mess up whatever I'm cooking." I thought to myself, what a shame, she says she cannot cook, and she believes she cannot, and as a result, that's part of the reason why she will never be a good cook. Actually, today there are millions of people who do not know how to cook. You would think that just about everyone would learn how to prepare their favorite dishes. 

I have a young lady friend, who is always so nervous and worried about buying gifts for people, saying things like "I don't know if this will fit my dad," or "I don't know if my mom will like this." She does not have much confidence and self-esteem, and it shows, and it infiltrates every other area of her life. Whenever she has to do anything outside of her usual routine, she gets nervous and dreads doing it, because she's always afraid of; making a mistake, getting lost, wasting money, losing money, and so forth. It's a shame, because she's a really smart girl, a nice girl, and an educated girl, but her huge lack of confidence stands in her way about so many things.

People really need to expect good things to happen to them, and they need to believe that they deserve good things to happen.

When people say something like "I never win anything, ever!" Then they buy a raffle ticket, lottery ticket, or play Bingo, of course they're not going to win, because they believe and expect that they will lose!

If you want good luck or better luck; use a good luck charm, say your prayers, think positive thoughts, expect that you will have good luck, believe that you deserve the good luck, and don't let negativity stand in your way! There have been many books written about subjects, such as The Law Of Attraction! About 100 years ago, Charles F. Haanel wrote The Master Key System, and just a few years ago, Rhonda Byrne wrote The Secret! There have also been several books in between talking about similar ideas and topics.

Good Luck Charms, amulets, talismans, oils, and crystals can also help you have good luck or better luck, perhaps because of the magical power and positive energies imbued upon them, and maybe also in part because you think and believe that they will help you. Again, patience and positive thinking are paramount. When people say or think "this does not work," then it probably will not. Even though nothing works 100% of the time and for 100% of the people, you should always expect good things to happen, and be very patient, and stay extremely positive, when using a magical oil, a mystical crystal, or a magical good luck charm or amulet. Sometimes it might bring you good luck in other ways or in other areas of your life. We had a customer-friend who purchased a good luck amulet because she wanted to win lots of money... a few weeks later the good luck manfested itself in a different way; she almost got into a massive car accident with several other cars, but was miraculously spared from the ordeal. She was convinced that the good luck amulet made a difference!

Patience is also very important when people are seeking to receive good luck and good luck blessings. You cannot expect things to happen for you or to change overnight... good things take time. When someone is praying about something, or using a good luck charm, or thinking positively, they should be patient, and stay focused. The spiritual world and the spiritual forces do not care about our clocks and calendars and they do things on their own time schedule, not ours! Giving up too soon is another obstacle that prevents some folks from getting what they want. Be patient and be persistent! There are people who want to make extra money, and they start a little home based business, or they get involved selling something such as Avon products... but then they give up and quit a few weeks later, or even a few days later. Never quit, never give up, never lose hope!

Spreading Good Karma is also helpful in helping you to attract Good Luck! Are you a polite person? Do you use manners? Do you say "please" and "thank you" when dealing with others? (Millions of adult Americans do NOT say please and thank you, and that's very sad!) Do you wave for another motorist to go ahead? Do you open the door for someone else? All of these acts are very tiny ways to spread good karma.

How about giving a dollar or two to a homeless person who asks you? Or at least buying them a sandwich if you fear they will spend the cash on alcohol? If children are selling something door to door, or on a table in their front yard, you should buy what they're selling, because it just might help them develop better communication skills, or even help them down the path of having sales ability in adulthood! How many adults do you know who could NOT sell a bag of ice in the desert? I know tons of them!

Saying your prayers is also important. You don't have to be religious, or even a member of an organized religion... just say your prayers, or do your meditating, or your daydreaming, or your mental visualization of what you want to happen, and stay optimistic! By the way, some prayers are answered, some are not, some wishes come true, some do not, and sometimes a magical spell or amulet does what we want, and sometimes it doesn't. The main thing is to keep on trying.

Thinking positive and speaking positively affects so many areas of our lives. When some people get a cold, they say, "Oh, I'm fine, this will be gone in a few days." Then they drink plenty of water, they take lots of vitamin C, and they stay calm, and in a couple of days they are fine! On the other side of the proverbial coin, you have those who get the same cold, and they exclaim, "Ahhh, I am sick, and I feel terrible, and when I get sick, it lasts for weeks and weeks!" They also expect that they will remain sick, and guess what? They do remain sick for weeks and weeks! Their negative thinking makes sure of it!

The bottom line is this... if you really, truly want good luck, more luck, or better luck... then just think positive, speak positive, be patient, say your prayers, use some good luck charms, spread good karma, and hope for the best! It's true that we offer good luck charms and amulets that really work, but it does not end there. Even after you obtain some magical amulets, mystical oils, or energy filled crystals, you should still do some things to make your life happier, luckier, and better!

Nobody is lucky all of the time, but there's no doubt that some people tend to be a lot luckier than other people do. You might think or say that it's not fair, but you should take a look at how those people look at life and ask yourself whether it's the way they see the world that is helping them to get luckier. The truth is that most lucky people aren't lucky by sheer accident, they are lucky because of a very positive mindset that they bring to life. A mindset that accepts bad luck as inevitable but good luck as something that we can create for ourselves by our sheer hard work, our optimism, and our positive energy. I say "our" because I am indeed a member of that group, as is Father Time, who always proclaims that You Can Do Anything That You Make Up Your Mind To Do!

You may not be able to control other people, family members, the economy, your investments, the weather, or the universe, for that matter, but scientific research has shown that you can create your own good fortune. Lucky people weather the storms of this life by seeing the hidden opportunities, trusting in themselves and taking some bold action. When troubles arise, lucky people may seek assistance from supportive friends. You can change your luck with the same strategies we use, and here are some really good tidbits of advice. You should feel free to forward this email to some people you know who will enjoy it, and who just might benefit from my words of wisdom and encouragement.

We trust in our intuition...

Too often in this life, we human beings lean too heavily on left brain logic alone. Sometimes you simply have to tune-in to your intuition and asking yourself "Does this feel right?" or "Should I do this?" Of course, it's not about ignoring logic completely, but it's about tuning into that "sixth sense" that we all have, although some people routinely ignore it. Research has shown that when it comes to the really big decisions in life, over analyzing things can actually lower your odds of making the best decision. People get nervous, they get worried, they get "spooked," and this affects their decisions. Studies have found that your brain discerns subtle, complex patterns that go beyond conscious understanding.

We are also willing to take risks...

The lucky breaks that some people seem to get almost always stem from brave action or even from taking a risk. They really aren't lucky break at all. They are the result of courageous action, enthusiasm, believing in oneself, and also rising above our innate aversion to risk, which is wired into our DNA. We are actually programmed to focus more on what we have to lose than on what we have to gain. Way too many people stick with lousy situations that leave them miserable rather than leaving the security of the known for the unfamiliarity of a possibly better unknown. People stay at jobs they hate, or in dead-end relationships, or living somewhere they don't like, because they figure, "Oh well, that's just the way my life is." It is a defeatist attitude. They really should force themselves to adopt a positive and winning attitude. Anyone who has been our customer friend for a little while, will have noticed by now, that I believe I can do anything! Grandmother taught me volumes during my childhood and teenage years, and pushed me to read, learn, and experience, and she made sure that I was aware that "I can do anything!" By the way, YOU can too!

Of course there are many valid worries and risks in life, and we need to be mindful of them, but you cannot dwell on the risks and allow those fears to keep you from seeing opportunity, and seizing it, and really going for it. You must push yourself outside of what is often referred to as "your comfort zone" and take a chance at something that is important to you. Nothing worthwhile is ever created without a risk. People like Walt Disney, Ray Kroc, Sam Walton, and even Warren Buffet, built amazing companies because they were risk takers, and they were very motivated and hard working, and they were not afraid to get busy and get working!

We always expect that good things will happen to us...

People who always expect good things to happen to them often do attract more good things into their lives. There is a lot of science behind the The Law Of Attraction. Even 100 years ago, Charles F. Haanel wrote The Master Key System, and although he never used the specific term law of attraction, it is pretty much what his manuscript is about. In recent years, Rhonda Byrne has cashed in with her best-selling brand, beginning with The Secret!  The truth is that what you put out you get back...  not instantly, not every time, but over time when you expect good things to happen you'll find they generally do. You have to learn to think positive, speak positive, expend some positive energy, and send positive vibrations out into the world and into the universe. When people are negative and always moaning and complaining, like the character of Eeyore, other people will shy away, but when people are happy, enthusiastic, confident and optimistic like Ferris Bueller, other people will gravitate to them!

We hang out with and associate with other happy, positive, lucky people...

Let's face it, the people we hang out with significantly impact our own outlook on life. If you are hanging out with a lot of whining, complaining cry-baby people who are always down on their luck, and blaming the world for their problems, then chances are that you will soon be down on your luck, and complaining, and blaming the world for your problems. Emotions are contagious, whether they are good or bad... Optimism, Pessimism, Confidence, Fear, Ambition, Resignation, Motivation... make it a point to spend much more time with the people you know who have a very positive outlook on life and try to spend as little time as possible with the people who do not. It's for your own good, and it's one of the important keys. Just ask any self-help author, or better yet, read their books!

Hanging out with positive, energetic, happy, and productive, like-minded people, is one of the best things that you can do to turn your luck around and improve the quality of your life. Look on the lighter and brighter side of things. Don't be a downer... be cheerful. Share an encouraging word. Offer a helping hand to make someone else feel lucky. Take steps to improve the quality of your life. If you hate your job, then find a new one. If you are in a bad marriage or relationship, then get the hell out of it! Pure and simple... that other person is never going to change into what you want them to be. If you do not like where you live, then move! Sometimes you just have to say WTF? Then you have to make some changes! If you like your job, but don't make enough money, then you will have to find an additional income stream. Maybe instead of wasting so much precious time on social media, playing video games, and watching television (I never do any of those) get busy doing something that will put more money into your budget, it can be done! If you need to lose weight, quit smoking, or get off booze or pills, then just get busy and do it! No excuses, no more crying, no more blaming the world for your problems. By the way, the world does not know you exist, nor does it care. We are all like one little grain of sand compared to all the beaches of the world.

You can do anything that you make up your mind to do, you really can, and start right now! Take steps to make your life better, happier, luckier, healthier, more productive, more exciting! I am sitting here in Florida where many people are all freaked out and worried about a storm that may or may not even hit us, and I am writing to YOU to help you think about how easy it actually is for you to start improving the quality of your life! You can do it, you really can. There are three types of people, I have heard it said at business meetings and conventions; those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who don't know what's happening! You should strive to be the first type! 2,500 years ago, Lao-tzu said, "A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step."

Good luck! Not that you need it... just go out there and make it happen. 

Many Blessings!


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