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Jennifer's Rules For Living

Jennifer's Rules For Living

Maybe the reason I am so happy, is because of a list of things, in my mind, that I usually follow, and these things lead to my ultimate happiness, peace of mind, serenity, comfort, et cetera! They are listed here for YOUR encouragement, empowerment, and entertainment:

#1: I never allow anyone to treat me like crap...period!

#2: I never eat or drink anything that I don't want to eat or drink.

#3: I never go anywhere that I don't want to go, even as some people will go with a friend or a group to do something that they don't really like...I won't do it, I would rather get together with them another time.

#4: I never watch the news on TV, it's a waste of time, and although many people LOVE sports, I guess that is okay, for them, but for me...can't be bothered.

#5: Politics and religion to me, are both a joke...

#6: Spirituality is a different story! I am very spiritual, never raise my voice, never argue, never get angry, never hit or harm people or animals.

#7: I always make sure to get enough sleep, drink enough water, and get some fresh air and sunshine.

#8: I never drink alcohol, use drugs, or smoke.

#9: I can be comfortable in a sundress and sandals, or an evening gown, or anything in between.

#10: I won't take medication or pills.

#11: I try to be a good steward with my money, and rarely buy things on impulse. The money was too hard to earn and I don't want to just throw it away. I like to find bargains and discounts...but I am not cheap...I will give a struggling, single mom (a stranger) in a grocery store...a twenty dollar bill, if I overhear a conversation that indicates she is broke.

#12: I always say "Please" & "Thank You" ... ALWAYS! I think everyone should read the Emily Post book: Etiquette

#13: I never yell, or speak rudely to people, whether family, friends, or strangers! I will rarely curse.

#14: I like men, but I have been around long enough to know that you can't trust too many of them.

#15: I work hard and cheerfully pay my rent, my bills, and my taxes.

#16: I never gamble or buy a lottery ticket. I also do not want "something for nothing" as so many people seem to want.

#17: When watching TV or a Movie, I will not watch things that are violent, graphic, or that show human suffering, or men mistreating women. Also nothing that glorifies crime and wickedness.

#18: I try to never say anything bad about anybody or anything.

#19: I try not to judge. Although I can see auras, and know when to avoid certain people. I can also smell danger.

#20: I will never allow anyone to shove me into an uncomfortable situation. I will also never partake in any activity, even as a spectator, that degrades wet tee shirt contests, or visiting restaurants where the girls are forced to dress like hookers.

#21: I dislike prejudice, hatred, and people pointing the finger. I also cannot tolerate drunkeness or incessant complaining.

#22: I love food, but will never eat like a pig, it's bad for your body on many levels. I don't eat a lot of animal products for health reasons. I never eat frozen foods or microwaveable foods.

#23: I will have a glass of wine on rare occasions, but you will never see me drunk or even tipsy.

#24: I carry a non-lethal, self-defense, pepper spray, and sometimes a stun gun, and would not hesitate to use them!

#25: I cannot be bought, under any circumstances.

#26: On a first date, I will give a guy the impression that I am a virgin, and am waiting until the wedding night. Even though that is not the case, a guy who is a waste of time, will never call you again after that conversation. It's a way to "weed out" a few people.

#27: I will almost always give a dollar or two to a homeless person!

#28: I make each day count!

#29: I regularly do volunteer work and have a soft spot for helping senior citizens.

#30: I love quotes from famous people throughout history, there are many good pieces of advice in those "words of wisdom!"

#31: I enjoy empowering other women, or at least trying to help them become empowered!

#32: I believe that I can do anything!

Please share this with others who might benefit from it! Thanks!

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